How to earn money online as a Blogger

                                                 Have you heard about making money through blogging and you don’t have an idea how to make money has an online blogger. Have you started a blog for earning money if you don’t have an idea for earning money using the blog you can get the tips here. You should start a blog on your favourite topic and upload the blogs in the periodic time. Whether it may be a hobby blog or a business blog you can earn from it if you are on the right path. You can’t earn at the starting stage of the blog you should do some SEO for your blog to rank in the Search Engine Results Page. You need to know how to earn blogging in UK. You can earn by blogging in UK by ranking your blog on the first page of search engine. The real truth is you can’t make money easily as you think. You need to work for months to earn money from that. 

As a blogger, you can earn by two methods.  

  • Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click.
  • Cost Per Impressions.

If you rank your blog in the SERP, then advertisers will directly contact you for placing their advertisement on your blogs, and you can charge for it.  The cost you charge from them will be depending upon you. You can charge for a lifetime advertisement or can charge for it by links or banner ads. Cost Per Click is the advertisement which is placed in the content or on the sidebar. If a reader clicks on the ad, you will get paid for that. Cost Per Impressions is based on how many users visit the advertisement. If you’re a beginner on the blog, you can get experts advice and start your blog.  

Bloggers will have direct contact with the advertisers and will make approve or disapprove advertisers based on what advertisements they want to promote.  As a blogger, you can earn money using a blog as an excellent platform. Some of the bloggers do this selectively as it reflects badly on their page as they are promoting ads. The blog also needs money to run it as you need to pay for your domain, hosting. You should put efforts and more time to earn from a blog. Blogging is not easy bloggers spent more time in it they need to get money for advertisements.  




Best Affordable Rubbish Removal Services In London By QuickWasters

Are you in search of the best rubbish removal company in London at the very affordable price. Then you are in the right place, Quickwasters is the best waste clearance company in London, who will help you in clearing the wastes from your place at the optimal cost.

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How Training Certificates will Help a Teacher in London

With the increasing demand for teachers in both public and private institutions in London, people are flocking training institutions just to be able to get certification. The unending quest for more information makes teaching a very lucrative career.

However, one has to be certified to show that they possess the skills and knowledge. Having a teaching certificate goes a long way, below are some of the benefits of being certified as a teacher.

  1. Benefits and wages– Teachers that have documents are paid highly for their excellent work as compared to those who are not certified. A certificate is the only way a teacher can show the employer that they are qualified to provide students with the necessary skills.
  2. Teaching jobs- Best performing schools seek qualified teachers, having a certificate makes one likely to get a job as compared to one who has none. A document is the only way to show that one has the qualifications and can push that school to greater heights.

Most parents and guardians also pride themselves in having their children taught by certified teachers; this gives them surety that their kids will excel. Training institutions also offer placement for teachers who are certified; this makes it easy for one to get a job as compared to other professions.

  1. Job security- A certificate offers job security to any teacher who holds it. To teach in public schools in London, one has to have certification for the same; this provides job security. Being certified in some subjects like maths and science which are more competitive makes a teacher more likely to be employed.
  2. Character building- Having a certificate makes a teacher have a high self-esteem, this is because their certifications show that they trained and completed the course. Having conversations with one who is certified is different from one who is not.
  3. Career advancement- Certification enhances prospects for growth for a teacher. Having a certificate is just the beginning towards a better career, in the future one can opt for a diploma or degree certificates placing them high in their profession. A teacher who is not certified cannot go to higher heights hence lack career growth and will always remain at the same level.
  4. Skills and knowledge– Certification comes along with vast experience several topics. Most employers want teachers that have documents for this is the only way to prove that they are knowledgeable. It is not easy to convince your employer you can perform well without any papers to show. Knowledge is a powerful tool, and it is wise to seek more if one wants to succeed in their teaching career.
  5. Promotions– Having a certificate and practicing teaching in a school, a teacher is more likely to be promoted to a senior teacher or principal leading to a more lucrative career.


There are several credible institutions offering certificate courses for teachers in London at affordable rates. Joining one is a key that will open many doors for you as a teacher.  Start by enrolling for your certificate and enhance your career prospects as a teacher with teacher training courses.


Why Is Photo-Shoot Studio Rentals Better In London?

Some factors make London an ideal place to take rent or hire a photo-shoot studio.  A vast number of photographers opt to do their shoot outdoors, merely because don’t understand the advantages of using photo studios. Some just look at the cost of renting a photo studio and fail to consider other relevant factors. On this article, we have discussed some of the benefits of renting Photo-shoot studios in London.


One of the factors that make renting a photo studio so ideal is the complete control of the environment. For photographers who opt to do all their shoots outside, have no control of lighting, weather, temperature, and to some extent, they may be distracted by onlookers while carrying out their task. London is very populated city and opting to rent a photo studio instead of doing outdoor shoot is better. You get control of the lighting you need, the background and also you can choose to edit or preview the photos without getting out of the studio. With a rented photo studio, you don’t have to travel looking for a place with a better background.

Access to Props and Equipment

Another factor that makes London a better place to rent a photo studio is equipment. Most of the studios in London are equipped with almost everything that is needed for a photo shoot. Some studios have costumes to wear while posing for photographs. Finding a fully equipped studio can be quite hard in most places, but there are many in London. For people who opt to do their shoots outdoor, they are limited to the equipment they need, moving the equipment from one place to the other can be quite exhausting and expensive and this one of the reasons that renting a studio is way better.


Before making any decision based on price, some factors need to be considered these factors include, the location of the studio, the additional services you will get and how the studio is equipped among others. In London, most of the studios are well equipped and offer excellent services. These are among the factors you should consider before making any move on renting a studio. The price may be high in some places but worth. When it comes to renting a photo studio, we consider the value of service we get and compare it with the price.


London is among the cities with the best studio in the world. Renting a studio in the region requires of to compare the rates and the service or how the studio is equipped. Without considering this two factors, one may term a studio as expensive and settle for a cheaper studio that can’t deliver the quality expected. The photography and videography industry is already established. It is easy to choose a studio to rent since most of the studios have met standards. So next time you are looking for a place to rent a studio, London should top the list of your available options.

Thinks To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Wedding Venue In London

It is the dream of many couples to hold their wedding in a large, colorful London wedding venue. Yet, it is never as easy as it sounds. Securing a good wedding venue in London is a tall order by itself; add the budgetary cost of the same and you’ll see just why things aren’t that straightforward. However, you can nail it with a little planning and preparations. What’s important is that you’re clear on what you want to achieve on your big day. Are you looking for a spacious wedding venue that will host all your guests? Or are you more driven by the interior designing and facilities on offer? Once you’re clear on what you want to achieve, it becomes easier to hunt around for the perfect venue.

When choosing a wedding venue in London, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind;

The most important consideration when looking for the perfect wedding venue is your budget! Other considerations may come in later. It would be useless to have the best venue in terms of capacity, location, the interior designing, but be unable to afford it! Thus the number one thing is to know your budget, and how much you’re willing to spend on the venue. With that info, you can even ask friends and family to assist in identifying a venue that falls within your budget.

Secondly, what is the size of the wedding venue, what its capacity? The capacity of your wedding venue will determine the number of guests you can comfortably host. The venue should not be so small as to cram all guests together like a kid’s birthday party; it should neither be too large a hall. Just opt for a spacious venue that will comfortably hold all your guests.

You also want to consider what the wedding venue is all about before you hire it. For instance, we have wedding venues in London that strictly cater for Indian weddings. This isn’t so much about race or religion, but rather, it could be the venue is customized for such events. If you’re doing a church wedding, you want to opt for a venue that doesn’t serve alcohol; these are subtle things you should always find out well in advance to avoid last minute hitches and embarrassments.

Some London wedding venues will gladly do the interior designing, or allow you to do it if you so wish.  This includes anything from setting the tables, colors to be used in the venue, as well as floral arrangements. This will depend on your personal tastes and preferences. Bringing your own interior designer is a great way of customizing the venue to lend in with your wedding’s theme; however, you may have to dig deeper into your pocket for the same.

Always feel free to get a friend or family member help you in selecting an ideal wedding venue. Two heads are better than one, and you’re able to share ideas and opinions as you hunt for the perfect venue.

ClickDo Media Photographs EOT Cleaning Company Staff in London

The ClickDo Media recently did the EOT Cleaning company staff for the new branding of their professional cleaning services in London. The photos came up very well and all had fun you can see with the happy faces.

Kasun Sameera did the photography and he did the editing as well at ClickDo Media Liverpool office. As you can see the digital marketing works of EOT Cleaning has greatly benefited from the rich media that goes on to the web. This is why every local business in UK should consider building a brand.

Check the EOT Cleaning Facebook page, Medium and of course the YouTube channel to get the idea of how the London’s leading professional cleaning company does their online marketing services with ClickDo Consultants.

See some more nice pictures of lovely EOT Cleaners in London:

With that being shown and said, when it comes to residential property cleaning services and end of tenancy cleaning services in London, there is no other company as EOT Cleaning. They’ve been in the industry for over half a decade and always delight the customers. You can check EOT Cleaning services at

Article by Senior Photographer at Oak Tree PhotographJason Ruwanal